Ken’s Presentation on the Developmental logic of the human venture framework

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As a way of letting the knowledge that Ken shared at the program committee be shared with everyone, I suggest that those people at the meeting post some of their notes and observations of the presentation and discussion. That way we will have many different views that will hopefully capture the whole picture. Below are my notes from the evening as a starting point.

These notes are the scattering of ideas as they hit me in the discussion. I have tried to create the links between ideas but others will help to flesh out the picture or correct my miss steps:

The core point of the Framework is to try and understand the nature of adaptive intelligence. How is this created and how can this be tested? How is it relaized and tested across a large number of agents and agencies – children, adults, communities, institutions, cities, countries, the planet.

In the thought experiments of seeing how this framework played out against these different agents and agencies it was always important to discover the gaps or redunancies that were present.

Another key was apaptive logic – how does the agent interact with the envorionment in a way that contiually meets the dynamic challenges facing them. Also how does the framework help to develop the adaptive capacities to meet the most pressing challenges of the environment?

An area of investigation that sought to address some of these questions became instructional design. The abilitiy to understand what the most pressing challenges were present and then develop instruction / education that meets those challenges.

Ken highlighted that the challenges in life are too varied in nature to ever develop a list of skills that could possibly address each situation. Instead there was a need to develop a set of meta – skills that can be adapted to evolving situaiotns.

To discover these meta-skill he began looking at areas of human endevour where the challenges were always beyond the level of traditional skills aquistion. Areas that required people to be continually in adaptive space; that required them to move their learning beyond rote exercise. These were people like military commanders who had to know strategy but them implement it into the real battlefield situations; inventors who were moving beyond the realm of existing knowledge, entrepeneurs who were creating new industires, etc.

Since humans adapt through our our use of design and knowledge, how do we move our culture beyond the levels of existing convention?

A Ken quote (which I don’t know if I got right but this is what I remember) “Frustration is the emotion you feel when you are learning beyond your capacities”

The talk then took on more of a dialogue nature with ideas being exchanged. Some of those points were :

  • The need to observe people / groups in a wide variety of situations and stress areas to gain a full picture of their behavoir and capacities
  • Confidence must be informed by adaptive or real world competence.
  • The connection between character / conduct and the abilitiy to develop adaptive learning capacities
  • Adaptive capacities must be developed by the individual first and then branched out to the community. The community cannot be adaptive in disconnection of the peolpe within. The good point is that we develop greater and greater adaptive capacities individually as we move to create more adaptive communities. The growth outwards develops the individual growth.
  • The need to capture / record the patterns that begin to emerge as you create. It doesn’t matter if you have the whole picture or if the pattern makes sense. If you capture it, you can discover the meaning when you have more pieces
  • Never truncate a learning or development process; even if you have to because of time constraints. Deliver what you have found, but mark it for further investigation. Keep the inquiry open and find the time to continue

That was all I had for the evening. I look forward to reading other people’s take on the discussion.

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