Lateral Riddles

Riddle 1

A surgeon has discovered a tumour in the patient’s brain. A strong enough beam of radiation could be used to destroy the tumour.

Unfortunately in this case, because of the tumour’s location and size, a beam strong enough to destroy the tumour would also kill the healthy cells on the way to the tumour.

Since surgery is out of the question, what is an elegant solution to destroying the tumour safely?

Riddle 2

A clan leader is planning on invading a castle surrounded by a moat. There are four bridges that cross into the castle.

The problem is that the clan leader cannot take his entire army down one bridge because the weight of the army will cause the bridge to collapse.

How does the clan leader plan his invasion?

Can’t figure it out? Don’t know why this is related to creativity? Be sure to read Part 2 of “How BIG is your creative space?” in the next newsletter.

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