The IDEO Way – Creativity can be summoned at will…

Fast Company published a wonderful article about David Kelley, the founder of IDEO. Clearly he sees creativity as a discipline that can be learned and improved upon. From the article:

It is a radical notion, in its way: the idea that creativity can be summoned at will, with a process not unlike the scientific method. That contradicts what most people — including the 50 students sitting mesmerized before him — have always thought. “That to be creative, an angel of the Lord appears and tells you what to do,” Kelley says, laughing.

This misconception is much like how the average person sees every elite athlete as literally superhuman. Michael Jordan does seem to fly like a bird and Wayne Gretsky is the Great One. What we may label as magic, however, is just a simple of way saying “we don’t understand how they got to be that way”.

In the same way, creativity is seen as magic when in actuality there are processes, character traits, and effort behind the magic. This is a relatively new and exciting field of study that requires more work, but fortunately people like Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Howard Gruber have innovated in our ability to innovate.

Who else do you know has taken our understanding of creativity even further?

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