Where is your final frontier?

Every child grows up dreaming of a frontier that they will explore: a dark forest, an abandoned house, or a secret tunnel. These dreams might be captured in the old Star Trek flying at warp speed into deep space, or stepping into a saloon in the Wild West, or diving in the depths of The Abyss.

dragonWe grow up on myths and fairy tales now even though there must have been a time when the frontiers were clearly marked on a map: “Here There Be Dragons!”

Nevertheless, that part of us that refuses to stay put, that yearns to test our strengths against that of the unknown lives on and must find expression. A child cannot grow without testing his or her limits. An adult stagnates when experience becomes routine and predictable.

Today, we can travel to foreign countries with relative ease or be flown to the tops of mountains or be plunked into the middle of a rain forest. Exciting experiences to be sure, but the frontier does not exist only abroad.

The frontier exists within us too.

It is easy to succeed in this world without ever knowing who you are, what fears limit you, what blindspots you possess, or even what you are capable of.

What if you stopped and took a look around. What do you think is important and needs doing? What makes you think that you can’t do anything about it? What do you tell yourself? What is the boundary you put up? What would it be like to play a little bit beyond that boundary?

Give it some serious thought. Where are your final frontiers? Isn’t it time for an expedition?

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