Get Interesting by Being Interested

We’ve heard it in marketing before. Get interesting! This says nothing, of course, about what kind of interest you want and how to generate it.

But before going there, why do people take an interest?

  • Because people are interested in the relationship that affirm them, attract them, stimulate them
  • Because people can live vicariously through other people’s stories
  • Because people like to acquire new resources for an advantage from status-seeking to problem-solving
  • Because people like to acquire new information from idle gossip to deep technical knowledge for the same reasons as acquiring resources
  • Because people see something that will help them fix a small problem or reach towards a larger vision
  • Because people are curious about new and shiny things or ideas that are different from the usual
  • Because people are interested in what has them think and feel differently about the world around them

There are many more reasons people take an interest. The point is that to get people interested in what you think is important, you should tap into the range of ways that people pay attention.

But to generate “interest” requires drawing on a deeper source of your own curiosity. It requires that you take an interest in human affairs and furthermore, you take an interest in your own life. Otherwise, we are fooled into thinking that we can create the appearance or trappings of “getting interesting” without ourselves taking a genuine interest.

By being interested in what people need, want, do, hope for, and by being fascinated by your own life, what you strive for, what you hope for… you’re more likely to be interesting to others.

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