Remembering Sri Lanka

Coming back from vacation is cruel in two ways. First you rediscover what you had left behind: domestic chores. Then after a week or two of reintegrating into Canadian society, you can’t remember anything about what was so vivid moments before.

So I cobbled together a short video to not only give you a visual taste of the experience, but to remind me of what an incredible experience it was for me to be there. Remember to watch it full screen!

Did my trip to Sri Lanka happen or was it a dream? I suppose it depends on how much and how well I let it influence my life.

5 Replies to “Remembering Sri Lanka”

  1. Hey dude great work but the music track doesn’t match with the video as it is all about a girl lol…
    It doesn’t matter for you guys but when this is seen by sinhalease they’ll be little bit confused

  2. Ha ha! Well I picked the song only for it’s beat and rhythm. At least Meela is in it. Hopefully the song isn’t about breaking up or something like that.

  3. Ohh dude don’t worry about that it’s all about making love in a fabulous manner.Yeah that classical rhythm is quite entertaining.

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