Approach Your Venture Adaptively

Do you need someone to help you think through complex issues? Need someone that can hold the big picture while getting down to the nitty-gritty details? I apply a unique mixture of engineering analysis, coaching sensitivities, and a broad understanding of human learning to help you find an adaptive path forward.

Here are a few example applications of my unique approach:

Supporting Your Business Venture

  • Leadership Coaching: Working with CIR Realty Manager Lindsey Smith to develop strategic direction for company
  • Small Business Development: Teaching individuals in poverty on how to build small businesses and supporting them in the process.

Supporting Your Community Venture

  • Community Economic Development: Building Momentum’s links to International Avenue development through connecting with businesses and community development initiatives.
  • Project Assessment: Reviewing and assessing grant applications to The Calgary Foundation; supporting individuals in applying for Micro-loans

Contact me at if you’d like to explore new ideas in dealing with your current venture.



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