Extend and Deepen Your Learning

If you or your community is engaged with challenges that are complex and systemic, consider a workshop or presentation to develop your capacity to understand what it takes to learn and adapt at higher levels. Rather than isolating subjects in an academic way, I will help you to learn across disciplines and develop a broader perspective.

Here are some key topic areas.


About the Human Story: What most needs doing in our time and place in history?

In the last two centuries the world has experienced unprecedented levels of development in technology, economic production, and knowledge creation.

While it has brought us amazing innovations, from the discovery of the germ to the creation of a universal human rights charter, the rapid pace of change has also created global cultural shock reactions leading to more genocides, wars, and extreme poverty than ever before.

When almost every living system in the world is in decline, there is an urgent need to ask why this is happening and what is to be done about it.

In this series of presentations, open yourself up to the biggest context and challenges we face today. Help your community or organization make sense of the global currents and begin to contribute to the human story.


  • How does my organization understand and navigate the times?
  • What is the high-level view of state of the world?
  • What does global events have to do with us?


About Human Learning: How people think, care, learn, and strive to create success or failure…

The pace of change today is such that people must continuously learn to adapt to new circumstances, a situation which can create disorientation and distress.

Traditional education and corporate training are good for teaching people how to follow a curriculum or execute a mission, but are poor for designing new curriculums or assessing a mission. More of the latter capacities are required in every community or organization.

In this series of presentations, learn about how people learn and what it takes for communities to adapt successfully especially in times of crisis.


  • What is creativity and innovation?
  • How do you prepare people to adapt in times of crisis?
  • How do people learn and what does it mean for leaders?


About Making Meaning: Linking character, conduct, wisdom, and the world

What is the meaning of life? Like many important questions, the question itself becomes a parody too big to contemplate.

But if we created a space to reflect on the many meanings in life and how we figure it out, then we might find a better answer to the question of the sages: what does it mean to live the good life?

In this series of presentations, explore how our character and conduct are intimately linked to how we see and engage the world.


  • How do I go about making meaning?
  • What does it mean to be fully alive and human?
  • What does it take to make a difference?

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