Questions to Ponder about Spirituality

I challenge you to answer some questions about your own spirituality in the spirit of a great conversation that digs deep into the meaning of our own lives. Baring our essence and identity to the potential judgment of others is not easy, but it is also too important to leave hidden in our individual selves. Without sharing, how could we understand?

So in preparation for the spirtuality workshop, I have a few questions for you that you may answer on these pages or you may answer for yourself. You may want to answer the question you want to ask or you may want to answer just one of the questions.

  • What roles or functions does spirituality play in your life?
  • How does spirituality connect you to the human venture?
  • If you were to develop a Consumers’ Guide to spirituality, what criteria would you use? (What makes some beliefs are more adaptive than others?)
  • What does spiritual discipline mean to you?

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