Have you thanked humanity lately?

One of the curses of having worked in the software industry is that everything starts looking like it could be explained by a block diagram.

So as I sit in this moment wanting to express something about humanity, I find an urge to draw a diagram… starting with what’s right in front of me: my laptop and my parents.

What I want to illustrate is the thanks that I have for those that have helped me get to where I am now.

This is just a small fragment of the people that have contributed to who I am today. It leaves me with the inescapable conclusion that “I” as an individual am also part of a “we”.

I surprise myself some days where I imagine myself as this completely independent being. This is ridiculous of course. I depend on humanity as I depend on the Earth.

It can be daunting to imagine that I am a part of such a large system, but it is also profoundly empowering. Humanity has already learned many lessons… some more than once and others that have yet to be learned. And Earth, it has learned even more lessons than humanity!

What is so incredible is that we, unlike any other time in history, have access to these lessons whether it is in objects, in books, in art, in films, or in every mountain, forest, or ocean we encounter. Should we step beyond the borders of our own limited individual lives, we may find a far more real world to live in.

Being a part of this world then puts our individual contributions in context. Emerson reminded us that we should be Man Thinking and not “a mere thinker, or, still worse, the parrot of other men’s thinking” (see Emerson’s The American Scholar). Thus farmers provide food, businessmen create a service or product, and engineers design things for the benefit of humanity. To forget this is to be a small man.

So I for one want to thank my fellow human beings and the Earth for providing, and I renew my pledge to do the best I can to help humanity and Earth.

Chris Hsiung BSc. CPCC
U Venture

Chris Hsiung graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary in Electrical Engineering. He is a certified professional coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is learning, teaching, presenting curriculum through Leadership Calgary. Currently he runs a practice (U Venture) guiding and coaching professionals who are choosing to engage in significant life challenges.

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