Creativity Tip #2 – Redesign Your Schedule

ical-iconWorking, cooking, eating, cleaning, organizing, sleeping… it’s amazing how little time there is for truly reflective and creative work. Getting a handle at how you spend your time and then redesigning your schedule can give you that added boost.

Consider, when is your best thinking time? When do you most need a physical break? What kinds of tinkering activities can be done anytime in those short fifteen minutes between events?

It’s surprising how much of a difference it makes when you match your energy level to the type of activity. I find mornings and the wee hours of the night great for thinking and reading, whereas the afternoons are better for meeting with people. And in between, I’ll play a few chords on the guitar that I’ve only recently picked up. Eventually, the activities will find a energizing synergy.

If you had to redesign your schedule, how would you do it?

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  1. I would take a couple of hours out of the workday to go for a run or do some cycling. Especially in light of some recent research into the benefits of Vitamin D (pardon the minor digression), getting outside while the sun is up is critical. I’d probably go to bed earlier to allow for the extra time off during the day.

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