Five dangerous things you SHOULD let your kids do

1. Play with Fire
Learning to control fire is a pivotal moment in every human’s existence.

2. Own a Pocket Knife
It’s like the first universal tool you own. It’s a screwdriver, prybar, and a knife too.

3. Throw a Spear
Our brain is wired for throwing things. It trains both physical and analytical skills.

4. Deconstruct Appliances
Puzzling out how things work is good practice for developing a sense that things are knowable through investigation.

5. Drive a Car
It’s an empowering act for a young child. (Make sure you’re still in the driver’s seat).

…excerpt from talk by Gever Tulley, founder of Tinkering School. See Gever’s talk at the TED Conference

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  1. Thanks Gever! Awesome comic book. By the way, do you have any resources for helping others start their own tinkering school? Or do you know of other kinds of schools that give kids real experiences?

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