My First “Documentary” Trailer

I’m headed to Sri Lanka for a month with high ambitions of finding a worthy story to tell. Will I succeed or won’t I? Here’s a five minute video log where I lay bare my plans on this vacation/volunteer/family trip. If you have tips, comments, suggestions, now is the time to send them to me!

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  1. It would be interesting to actually uncover the facts of disaster capitalism. Is the net benefit actually better w.r.t. the quality of life of average Shri Lankans – or is it net worse as you suggest before even being there…

  2. Hey Chris,

    Am really excited you are going on this journey. I have wanted to go diving off the coast of this island for a long time!

    Anyway while you are there- perhaps you can figure out the story of Arthur C. Clarke in Sri Lanka- what drew the man to this place, why did he move there? What contributions did he make to this place..? What are the layers behind his stay in Sri Lanka…

    Stay safe my friend.


  3. Look for signs of human venture path thinking, caring, learning and action Where do you find them and how are they faring, what opposition do they have to contend with, and what do they draw on to keep going?

    Good hunting.


  4. I like what Ken said and I would add to that – Systems Thinking
    Not sure if you are familiar with Peter Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline”
    What is The current system and what do they feel needs to happen to change the system and how do they see that happening?
    I’m also curious as to how they would draw and describe their current system and the change(s) if any that the system needs to change.
    I am just overall curious of how they would describe their way of life, themselves etc.
    Here’s to being curious and open to whatever shows up.

  5. Have a safe trip dear professor!
    looking forward for a good read on your blog upon your return.
    Thank you for everything Chris, you are the BestesT.

  6. Thank you all from Bangkok! l You don’t know how helpful it is to have a reminder of the higher patterns I can can keep my eyes open for. It’s easy to forget when you’re trying to make sense of the directions, the language, the customs all while adapting to the heat. 🙂

    Meela and I have successfully made the first leg of our journey. It’s really is amazing to be able to transport ourselves across the world in a day… A day!? Yet it’s the same ol’ brain.

    Keep you posted!

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