Interview with OMNI News

It’s fun to feel famous once in awhile. But I learned a few things from the interview:

  1. First, you learn some things about how you see yourself. And that awareness reveals its strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Second, the news story is rarely the whole story. The news item makes me feel like an adventurer much more than I actually feel.

Oh and don’t forget to turn the captions on in case you don’t speak Cantonese!


3 Replies to “Interview with OMNI News”

  1. I discovered just how much the immigrant story has really shaped my work ethic, my sense of responsibility, and the pressure I put on myself. I think it is shared by many of the “oldest”.

    But I’ve also changed what it means to honour my parent’s journey. Rather than following exactly in their footsteps, I’ve taken on a different venture to seek a better life for the next generation. And I don’t just mean my kids, but also our collective future. That means I have to challenge myself to adapt to a wild future.

  2. Excellent interview Chris! And I love what you have shared about what you learned about yourself, very insightful!…and may I please borrow the book you were reading at the end of the interview ‘Directing – the documentary’? 🙂

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